Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tracking My 2015 Goals

Welcome to my blog!  I needed a place where I can practice and share some of my side projects so here it is …  If you don’t know me personally you can see my background here.
To start things off I made a personal goal tracking dashboard for 2015.  My wife (Melissa) and I took some time to write down a couple of things we want to accomplish this year - career goals, financial, family, physical, etc. and here’s a couple of mine.  Any feedback (+ or -) is appreciated.

My Family Adventures goal is to help make sure we get out of the house.  With all the time at work and other activities it can be easy to go a week just coming home and watching TV until bed.  Also, I thought it would be fun to document each activity with a picture.
My Professional Development goal is to learn and practice web design as it's almost a requirement for my desired career path.  I am comfortable with HTML and CSS now but I haven't worked through a complete course ... and I'm a big fan of Codecademy.
My Physical Development goal was inspired by Melissa who ran her first half marathon last year.  She got me hooked and I just can't stop running now.  It has been easy using the cold weather as an excuse for my lack of running but it should pick up early March.  Until then it's all about cross-training!
I’ll have this dashboard in my Portfolio as well and will be updating it monthly.

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